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Pickled Turd

23rd Mar 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
Pickled Turd
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Frame 1
And elderly Lucky is talking to Lechy, a blonde figure with a devil mask.
LECHY to Lucky: Whoa, wait second. Did I hear you correctly? Did you just tell me that this belligerent and unhygienic, pickled turd that made your life a living hell, was in fact, a gypsy king?
LUCKY to Lechy: That’s correct, Comrade Lechy.
LECHY to Lucky: The very thought pains my head.

Frame 2
LUCKY to Lechy: If it makes you feel better, he was on the verge of being dethroned and thrown into exile.
LECHY to Lucky: I thank the gods, for sanity! Why did you have any sympathy for that idiot?
LUCKY to Lechy: Well...
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