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The Fortunate Ones

24th Mar 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
The Fortunate Ones
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Frame 1
Camello’s family (father, mother, three sons), standing together.
NARRATOR to Audience: Camello was the youngest son of King Gurkha Basma, Master of Thieves, and Queen Griszelda the Mellifluous. According to local legend, a heartbroken witch placed a curse upon the family, after King Gurkha mortally stabbed her husband in a drunken bar fight. She swore by the fire of Satan that the Basma bloodline would be forever extinguished.

Frame 2
Camello’s mother, in anguish.
NARRATOR to Audience: In 1977, Camello’s mother and brothers succumbed to the influenza epidemic.

Frame 3
Camello’s oldest brother, in anguish.

Frame 4
Camello’s middle brother, in anguish.
NARRATOR to Audience: They were the fortunate ones.
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