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28th Mar 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
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Frame 1
Camello and Gloria look at each other.
NARRATOR to Audience: Romeo wedded Camello to the beautiful old maid, Gloria. Her father offered a lavish reward to the groom’s guardian and she brought with her an even more lavish dowry along to the marriage. Aside from being age twenty, there was a big reason why Gloria’s father had invested so much money into getting rid of his daughter, and pawning her off onto some poor sap.

Frame 2
Camello, bloodied, speaks to Romeo, offscreen.
CAMELLO to Romeo (offscreen): I don’t want this bitch as my wife! She’s violently insane.
ROMEO (offscreen) to Camello: If she’s out of control, beat her.
CAMELLO to Romeo (offscreen): But, I don’t hit girls.
ROMEO (offscreen) to Camello: Are you a King, or a sissy?

Frame 3
Lechy look out towards the audience.
LECHY to Narrator/Audience: That’s really messed up. I guess your sympathy is justified. Go back to the original story.
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