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Abnormal Crush

30th Mar 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
Abnormal Crush
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CAMELLO to Lucky (off-screen): Marlborina deserves to be stoned to death. I thought that sex with Gloria sickened me because of how she treats me when no one’s watching. Unfortunately, it was the same with Marbie. That traitor promised to run away with me to Moscow, so I wouldn’t have to start over all alone. Instead, my so-called best friend married the man I love.

Lucky looks enraged.
LUCKY to Camello (off-screen): Did she even know about your abnormal crush on me?

CAMELLO to Lucky (off-screen): Well, um... no. I told her that I had a crush on a shav,* but I don’t think she even knew who you were.

Frame 4
LUCKY to Camello: I thought so.
CAMELLO to Lucky: Can I still do your bidding, Lucky?
LUCKY to Camello: How about you stop being gay at me and kindly fetch me Dorotnya!
CAMELLO to Lucky: One sexy old Russian bitch, coming right up.
LUCKY to Camello: THANK YOU.
NARRATOR to Audience: *An unmarried Rrom.
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