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He Chose Me

1st Apr 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
He Chose Me
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Frame 1
Older Marlborina is smiling.
MARLBORINA to Audience: I was so happy when he told me that I would be the first woman to be his last. he could have had any cheap Russian slut, but he chose me instead.

Frame 2
Younger Marlborina is happy and surprised.

Frame 3
Marlborina and Lucky are standing nose to nose, happy.
LUCKY to Marlborina: Why didn’t you tell me that Camello was a poofter? I was jealous over nothing at all.
MARLBORINA to Lucky: Maybe, I liked how you defended my honor.
LUCKY to Marlborina: Honor... what’s that but an old-fashioned notion that keeps us men from enjoying the pleasures of experienced womwn.

Frame 4
LUCKY to Marlborina: I am very lucky to have an intelligent and feisty wife to keep me on my toes.
MARLBORINA: I really love you. Can we start a family, yet?
LUCKY to Marlborina: It’s only natural for you to feel that way. I’m incredibly good-looking.
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