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4th Apr 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
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Frame 1
Marlborina starts fondling Lucky’s chest. Lucky looks happy.
LUCKY Thinking to himself: FINALLY!
MARLBORINA To Lucky: Your offensively braggadocious machismo is oddly alluring.

Frame 2
Lucky looks confused.
MARLBORINA To Lucky: Ooh! Such a hairy chest!
LUCKY Thinking to himself: I don’t know why but suddenly, something just doesn’t seem right about my fourteen-year-old wife wanting to get into my pants.

Frame 3
Lucky looks incredulous. Marlborina is shocked.
LUCKY To Marlborina: Babe, slow down. Stop. You need to finish your education. We have the rest of our lives for procreative activites.
MARLBORINA To Lucky: Oh, crud.

Frame 4
Lucky looks down at Marlborina, who is disappointed.
LUCKY Thinking to himself: I don’t like this. I think I’m getting a conscience.
LUCKY To Marlborina: I once read a Nabokov book that reminded me of this situation. It didn’t end well.
MARLBORINA To Lucky: You’re killing me Lucky!
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