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7th Apr 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
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Frame 1
CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen): Lucky, do you need me to run any more errands for today?

Frame 2
LUCKY To Camello (off-screen): No. Tone down the lisp, will you?

Frame 3
CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen): I can’t. I burnt my mouth with coffee and it hurts.

Frame 4
LUCKY To Camello (off-screen): Try to speak like you do normally. You sound really gay.

Frame 5
CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen): With all due respect sir, I only sound “gay” when I hit on a man.

Frame 6
LUCKY To Camello (off-screen): Fine. Just don’t flaunt your sexuality.

Frame 7
CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen): Flaunt my sexuality? You’re one to talk, womanizer.

Frame 8
LUCKY To Camello (off-screen): At least my sexuality is normal.
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