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Twisting The Melon

10th May 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
Twisting The Melon
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Frame 1
ROMEO To Lucky (off-screen): Lucky, how are you getting Camello to work like a dog. Did he call monchino and lose?

Frame 2
TATIANA To Lucky (off-screen): Sad. i wanted to seduce Camello, but he hardly comes to the bar anymore.

Frame 3
MARLBORINA To Lucky (off-screen): Lucky, tell me that the reason Camello has been gleefully slaving for you and writing songs in your honor is just the monchino. The possibility of him having a crush on you is really twisting my melon.

Frame 4
CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen): Lucky, please tell me that Marlborina doesn’t suspect that we’re fucking. The possibility of a chick challenging me to an honor duel is really twisting my melon, man.
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