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Playing Girl

11th May 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
Playing Girl
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Frame 1
Camello and Lucky are laying in a field, at night, under the stars.
CAMELLO To Lucky: When dad killed himself, all of my happiness died along with hi. You changed that. That’s why I love you, even though I know I’m just playing “girl” for you.

Frame 2
LUCKY (off-screen) To Camello (off-screen): You’re half-right. I do love my wife, so I can’t reciprocate what you feel for me. However, please don’t ever feel like you are playing a female role for me. You are a full man; a perfect specimen of raw masculinity.

Frame 3
CAMELLO (off-screen) To Lucky (off-screen): Why don’t I ever get to be the man, then?
LUCKY (off-screen) To Camello (off-screen): You never asked, Camello. I’d be happy to switch places with you.

Frame 4
LUCKY To Camello: Being on top is very delicate work, so be slow and careful.
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