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12th May 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
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Frame 1
A view of the night sky.
LUCKY (off-screen) To Camello (off-screen): AAAAARGH!!! CAMELLO YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

Frame 2
Lucky is in a hospital, talking to a nurse.
NURSE To Lucky: Comrade, hemorrhoids are not a medical emergency. I will add you to the waiting list.
LUCKY To Nurse: What do you take? Levis? Chocolate? Charmin?
NURSE To Lucky: I don’t take bribes.

Frame 3
Lucky turns away from the nurse.
LUCKY To Nurse: You don’t get it. These hemorrhoids are seriously bad. Let me show you.
NURSE To Lucky: Comrade! You cannot take your pants off in a hospital waiting room! Comrade?

Frame 4
The doctor’s eyes get wide, and her hand goes to her open mouth.
NURSE To unknown person(s) in hospital (off-screen): OH MOTHERLAND!!! SOMEONE HELP THIS INDIVIDUAL!
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