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Mother Russia

18th May 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
Mother Russia
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Frame 1
Camello and Lucky are looking for each other.

Frame 2
Camello looks away as Lucky continues to look at him.
CAMELLO To Lucky: I guess I’m not cut out to be on top, huh.
LUCKY To Camello: Lovemaking is an art. Mastery take time and many mistakes. When I heal, you can try again. Meanwhile, there’s other things you can do to be “the man,” as you say.

Frame 3
Close up of Camello’s face.
CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen): It doesn’t make sense that making another person feel good could be illegal or so damn risky.

Frame 4
Camello and Lucky lean into each other.
LUCKY To Camello: Boy, this is glorious Mother Russia. Every pleasure to be had is risky and illegal.
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