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NSFW: Nice White Boy

1st Jun 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
NSFW: Nice White Boy
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Frame 1
Marlborina is talking to a guy in college.

Marlborina as narrator
Anyway, so I met this white boy in college. Super cute!

Frame 2
Marlborina has sex with the guy in college.

Marlborina as narrator
He was so romantic. Since I was exiled anyway, I said yes.

Frame 3
Marlborina at an abortion clinic.

Marlborina as narrator
He was way too clingy, and I thought about Lucky the whole time we did the did.

MARLBORINA to abortion clinic staff
I'm what? Abortion NOW!

Frame 4
Close up of Marlborina's face in the present.

MARLBORINA to friend
While I was on the table it finally dawned on me. The reason why Lucky doesn't want me is because I'm too Roma.

FRIEND to Marlborina
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