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NSFW: I'm so sick of Russia

NSFW: I'm so sick of Russia
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Frame 1
Tsar, a tattooed man, is sitting on the bed. Getter stands in front of him, her back to the audience.
Ourrr serrrvices are not laaaanger rrequiirred.

TSAR To Getter
So we’re defecting? It is confirmed?

Frame 2
A cut scene of a close-up of Getter’s face.
GETTER To Tsar (off-screen)
Yesss. Amerrricaaaan Psy-ops voss successssful and our vorrrrk to liberate Esssssstoonia and Chechnyyyyya haaasss made Soviet recognition of inndepennnnndence ineeeeeeevitable. Freedom von, Tsarkias.

Frame 3
Close-up of Tsar’s face.
Tsar To Getter (off-screen)

Frame 4
Scene pulls back a little, showing Tsar looking at his gun.
Tsar To Getter (off-screen)
I’m so sick of Russia and the British crown owes me.
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Author Notes:

4th Jun 2021, 2:09 PM
If you are curious as to why the British Crown owes Tsar big time, read my other comic, I Have Problems. Warning: It's depressing as all hell.