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Frame 1
Lucky releases his ponytail.

Lucky to Marlborina
If you leave here a virgin. people will assume that I rejected you for being a slut.
Give me fresh panties, doll.

Frame 2
Marlborina is nervously holding up a pair of clean panties.

Marlborina to Lucky

Frame 3
Lucky stands on top of the bed as he unbuttons his shirt.

Lucky to Marlborina
Seeing and hearing are believing, but I'm a master at the clever art of deceiving. A trick we shall try.

Marlborina to Lucky
The gall! Stop your undressing, naughty nut.

Lucky to Marlborina
It's not what you think at all. Trust me an ounce and get ready to...

Frame 4
Lucky screams at the top of his lungs.

Lucky to Marlborina
Load my Place Save my Place


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