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Tampons For Virgins

10th Mar 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
Tampons For Virgins
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Frame 1
Camello looks terrified.
CAMELLO to Lucky (off-screen): Lucky, why are you still mad? I already apologized!

Frame 2
Lucky punches Camello, who is off-screen.
LUCKY to Camello (off-screen): (Sound effect) PUNCH!

Frame 3
Lucky voices-over on a flashback of Camello and Marlborina are in bed.
LUCKY (off-screen) to Camello: You deflowered the woman I waited three decades to marry.
MARLBORINA to Camello: What do you meant by, “Maybe this is a bad idea?” You tried drunk raping me the other day. Stop being such a sissy.

Frame 4
Lucky voices-over on a flashback of three girls smiling.
LUCKY (off-screen) to Camello (off-screen): You smuggle tampons and sell them to virgins.
Girl 1 to Camello (off-screen): Thanks!
Girl 3 to Camello (off-screen): You rock Camello!

Frame 5
The lower half of Lucky’s face is visible.
LUCKY to Camello (off-screen): Worst of all, I haven’t gotten laid in more than a week because of you.
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Author Notes:

10th Mar 2022, 7:17 AM
For the record, Marlborina is definitely not 30 years old. That's just how long her family promised a bride from their bloodline to Lucky's family. Gotta not love arranged marriage.